4 Best Spin Mops in India 2023-Buying Tips & Review

4 Best Spin Mops in India 2023

Are you looking for the 4 Best Spin Mops in India 2023?

This article is about the 4 best spin mops in India in 2023. In this review article, we will review the 4 best spin mops in India. Additionally, we will also share some buying tips that might help you in buying the right mop.

What are Mops?

A mop is an absorbent material, a sponge or piece of cloth attached to a pole or stick; used for cleaning purposes such as wiping floors or other surfaces. A mop can either soak up liquid from the floor or pick up dust, depending upon the type of mop.

What are the types of mops?

best spin mop with bucket in india

String Mop – String mop is the most widely known mop. String mop comes with a bucket to wash liquid and wring out the mop.

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Spin Mop – A spin mop is pretty much the same as a string mop, but there is a bit of difference. With the help of the spinning function of a spin mop, one can wring out the water inside the bucket with ease. What’s more, by manually spinning the mop, you can get rid of dirt without scrubbing hard.

Flat Mops India

Flat Mop – Flat mops don’t require too much water for cleaning. People purchasing flat mops use a small percentage of cleaning solution to clean the floor.

Sponge Mop India

Sponge Mop – If you see a sponge at the end of the mop handle, then that is a sponge mop. Sponge mops are used for cleaning spills, such as juice drops.

Dust Mop India

Dust Mop – A dust mop is only used for getting rid of dust from the floor. When using this mop, there is no need for water..

Since we now have an idea about the types of Mops, let’s discuss 4 best spin mops in India in 2023

4 best spin mops in India 2023

1. Gala Quick Spin Mop with Easy Wheels and Bucket

The gala e-quick mop comes with a bucket with wheels so that you don’t face any difficulty in dragging the bucket across rooms. Additionally, this “best spin mop with a bucket in India” comes with a puller handle, and which means you don’t have to bend while pushing the bucket from one place to another.

Furthermore, you do not have to bend while cleaning as the stainless steel handle of this mop has a quick lock. The mop rotates 360 degrees, and this makes cleaning difficult-to-reach areas stress-free.

What’s one of the best advantages of this mop is that it can get rid of dirty water without getting your hands dirty. The bucket has a wringer with the help of which you can easily eliminate excess water from the mop without using your hands.

Gala Best spin mops in India 2021

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The microfiber refill comes with the super absorbing capability to offer super cleaning services. If the refill gets dirty, you can easily replace it with the extra refill you get.

Whether it is wooden floors or tiles, Gala e-quick can clean all types of floors.

  • Bucket with wheels and a puller handle
  • 360-degree cleaning
  • Refill can be dried quickly; thanks to the super spin system
  • Strong stainless handle
  • Cotton microfiber comes with a retentive limit
  • Somewhat difficult in changing the mop.

2. Prestige Plastic Magic Mop

This one of the 4 best mops in India 2023 is made of high-grade plastic and is very lightweight. With this spinner, one can conveniently rinse the microfiber heads. The 360-degree spinner is very durable as it is made of high-quality stainless steel.

What’s one of the best things about the twin bucket Prestige Magic Mop is that it comes with two replaceable microfiber heads. Just like Gala e-Quick, Magic Mop has wheels and a pulling handle to ease the transporting process.

best spin mops in India 2021

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Height adjustment is not an issue as Magic Mop has two steel rod attachments to adjust the height according to your height for your convenience. What’s more, the microfiber is made in a way that it absorbs water efficiently so that dirty water drops do not fall on the floor.

You can use this mop set on wooden floors, marble, tiles, granite, and mosaic. The bucket comes with a convenient spout system so that you effortlessly eliminate dirty water after cleaning the floor.

  • Twin bucket construction from high-grade plastic
  • Lightweight
  • Durable 360-degree spinner
  • Bucket with wheels and a puller handle
  • Two replaceable microfiber heads
  • Convenient spout system
  • Solution dispenser
  • Pricey compared to other mop
  • Handle locking grip is not up to the mark

3. Scotch-Brite Spin Mop with Bucket

This mop set’s bucket has 9 liters of water storing capacity. The sturdy steel spinner can easily wring the mop. The bucket puller and wheels make it easy for you to drag the bucket from one place to another.

Scotch-Brite Spin Bucket Mop has an ergonomically designed 360-degree telescopic handle. With this handle, you can easily clean the areas that are difficult to reach.

4 best spin mops in India 2021

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If the microfiber refill gets dirty, you can replace it with the other refill as this set comes with two microfiber refills. Each refill has outstanding water absorption capacity. Buying this mop set also gets you a soap dispenser. Eliminating the dirty water from the bucket can be done effortlessly as the bucket has a drain plug.

Scotch-Brite Brand is a well-renowned brand for offering high-caliber cleaning products, such as dish wash bar. This mop set, being a product of Scotch-Brite, tells how good it is.

  • Bucket with a 9-liter water capacity
  • Sturdy steel spinner
  • Drain plug
  • Soap dispenser
  • Bucket with wheels and a puller handle
  • 360-degree cleaning
  • Well-renowned brand
  • The quality of the handle that is used to drag the bucket is not as good as other mop sets

4. Eco Alpine Magic Spin Mop with 360-degree cleaning

If you are looking for a budget-friendly mop that along with being budget-friendly, also is durable, then Eco Alpine 360-degree Magic Spin Mop is what you need. Coming in a variety of colors, this 360-degree mop set cleans surfaces like a pro.

Just like the other mop sets we reviewed, this set also accompanies a high-absorbent microfiber refill that along with absorbing more water, also dries faster.

The ergonomically designed handle has a plastic joint on the outside and is fitted with steel screws on the inside. To make sure there are zero movements in the handle when adjusted, there is a twist lock.

best spin mop in india 2021

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The wringer and the rod of the handle are sturdy as they are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Compared to other mop sets we reviewed, this set’s bucket does not have wheels. Virgin plastic was used for making the bucket.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Variety of colors
  • 360-degree cleaning
  • Twist lock handle
  • Extra refill
  • The bucket does not have wheels
  • No opening for eliminating dirty water

Buying Guide of Mops

The following things should be in your mind before buying a mop:

Type of floor

Different floors require different cleaning. Before buying a mop, you need to be clear on what floor you will use the mop. For example, flat mops are highly recommended for wood floors.

Easy-to-use mop

Why would you want a mop that stresses you out during the cleaning process? For example, a mop that makes you bend shouldn’t be prioritized. Look for the mop that doesn’t give you a tough time during the cleaning process.

All the 4 best spin mops in India 2023 that we reviewed can ease up the cleaning process.


If you need a mop for normal cleaning purposes, you should buy a simple type of mop. There is no need to buy an advanced mop when a simple low-budget mop can do the job for you. Now Eco Alpine 360-degree Magic Spin Mop is not a normal type of mop and is an advanced mop, but still, it is not as advanced as the other mops we reviewed. If you don’t need a highly advanced mop, then Eco Alpine 360-degree Magic Spin Mop can be the best choice, after all, it is budget-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spin Mops in India

ANS: With a spin mop, you can clean your house with minimum and without stress. This is because the mop’s spinning mechanism does all the job when it comes to drying. Furthermore, the amount of water that a spin mop uses is less than some other types of mops, and this is good for the environment and you. Some spin mops also have a drain plug to eliminate dirty water.
ANS: If your mop is not rotating when you push it down to the drying tub, then there are two reasons behind it. Ringer cap locked very tightly is the first reason. Holding the grip of the spin mop and the ringer cap and afterward gently rotating the ringer cap to a contour clockwise direction will fix things. The drying tube filled with dirt and dust inside is the second reason. To overcome this problem, unlock the locking mechanism of the tub with the help of pliers. After doing this, get rid of any dust or debris, then put some quantity of grease. Applying grease would make it rotate smoother.
ANS: Yes, each of them can easily clean under sofas.

Long story short, all these 4 best spin mops in India 2023 that we reviewed are very similar to each other in terms of features, yet a bit different. That said, it’s entirely your decision about what you want to buy.

If we were to recommend it, then Prestige Plastic Magic Mop (Blue) is ideal. It is pricey, but its lightweight aspect makes it unique compared to the other three mops.

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