Top 4 Best Tripods in India 2023

Top 4 Best Tripods in India 2021

In this review article, we will enlighten you with the Top 4 best tripods in India 2022, we will also enlighten you with some buying guides and FAQs about tripods so that you can have enough knowledge about tripods before you buy them.

What are tripods?

Tripods are three-legged lightweight stands or frames with the help of which you can support the weight and maintain the stability of cameras. The main purpose of a tripod is to make sure the camera is held steady so that one can get perfect images and videos. With the help of a tripod, a photographer can capture an image by using slow shutter speeds.

Top 4 Best Tripods in India 2021

Categories of tripods

There are different types of tripods for capturing different subjects in different conditions. Following are the basic types:

1. Travel tripod

These are the tripods that can handsomely meet your hiking or trips photography needs. These tripods are small, portable and can easily support DSLR cameras. Because of their portability, they are not that much technically advanced.

2. Pocket tripod

Pocket tripods are very handy for taking selfies or family photos. They are 4-8 inches in height and are specifically made to carry out the portability aspect. Since they are very small, you’ll need something, such as a table, to support them on the ground. Most of the pocket tripods are not meant to support DSLR cameras, however, they can easily support mirrorless cameras.

3. Monopod

Monopods are one-legged portable tripods. With these tripods, the camera won’t shake even a bit; consequently, they become ideal for sports and wildlife photographers who need zero shakings while capturing photos. Compared to multiple-legged tripods, monopods are lightweight and are easier to handle.

4. Studio tripod

Studio tripods are heavy-duty and big tripods. They are meant to deal with professional photography purposes such as in studios for static use. Since they are big and heavy, considering them for hiking and trips is not recommended.

5. Specialized tripod

Specialized tripods enable the photographers to adjust the camera according to their liking in any situation. The two common types of specialized tripods are suction cups tripods and flexible legs tripods.

Since we now have an idea about what tripods are and different types of tripods, we will give reviews about the 4 best tripods in India 2022. After reviewing them, we will also recommend one of the four reviewed tripods to buy at the end of this review article.

Top Top 4 best tripods in India 2022

1. AmazonBasics 60 inches tripod with bag

If your budget is tight and you are looking for a lightweight tripod that comes with rubber feet and highly adjustable legs, plus, accompanies a bag for carrying it, then this best budget tripod in India 2022 is what you need. Even though it’s a lightweight tripod, it can still manage six and a half pounds of weight.

It is a beginner-friendly tripod and can easily support digital cameras, video cameras, most spotting scopes, still cameras and GoPro devices.

This AmazonBasics tripod India is a blessing for those who are into birding. The highly adjustable legs and center post enables the user to get the ideal height according to his/her height and the environment; consequently, the situation becomes ideal for those who love to sight birds in numerous environments. With this tripod, the spotting scope won’t shake and you’ll get the desired view of unique birds.

Best Tripods in India 2021

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To allow tilt action and ultimate swivel for the portrait as well as landscape options, this best tripod makes use of the 3-way head. It also accompanies a couple of built-in bubble view levels. The bubble view levels make the user aware of whether the tripod’s base is perfectly leveled or not. The first bubble level is assigned to ensure the platform itself is leveled and the other one makes sure vertical adjustment is leveled.

What’s one of the fascinating things about this tripod is that it also accompanies a quick-release mounting plate that speeds up the detaching process of the camera.

To capture the desired view, one can extend the legs from 20-inch to 48-inch. What’s more, by employing the leg lock release mechanism, one can quickly and smoothly adjust the height of the legs.

  • Inexpensive
  • Quick-release mounting plate
  • Comes with a zippered-bag
  • Only 3lbs weight
  • Can be extended up to 60-inch
  • Built-in bubble levels
  • Ideal for birding
  • Doesn’t accompany much detailed user manual

2. Digitek DTR 550LW tripod

Digitek DTR 550LW is a lightweight tripod that can handsomely serve amateurs and especially professionals. There are times when the ground is not completely horizontal and because of this thing, the legs of tripods won’t be level with respect to each other. Thankfully, this best budget tripod in India 2022 features a bubblehead that detects whether tripod legs are in level with respect to each other and if they are not leveled, then it adjusts them to keep level. What’s more, it accompanies a 3-way head with an adjustable pan to give the license for tilt and swivel movement for both landscape and portrait options.  

This tripod supports a variety of digital cameras, still cameras, GoPro devices, most spotting scopes, and video cameras, plus, it can also be labeled as the best tripod for mobile in India 2022 because it can support mobile phones too.

Best Tripods in India 2021

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To obtain steady stabilized footage, the tripod possesses high-quality rubberized legs that make sure there is no skidding while shooting. The camera equips a quick-release mounting plate that allows camera removal from the tripod on a quick basis so that it can be placed in a new location. This is a very handy aspect because a lot of time will be saved.

This best tripod for mobile in India price comes with a carrying case and this means you can put the tripod in the carrying case and ultimately, protect it from dust while traveling with it.

If we talk about the negative aspect of this tripod, then we’ll hear a few complaints regarding its handle for moving the camera. Some people complained that the tripod’s handle for the movement of the camera is short and thus a full rotation to y and x-axis becomes tough. Besides this, everything about the Digitek DTR 550LW tripod is very promising.

  • Has impressive 5-6 kg load capacity
  • Comes with a bubblehead
  • Accompanies 3-way head with adjustable pan
  • Supports mobile
  • High-quality rubberized legs
  • Quick-release mounting plate
  • Suits both, amateurs and professionals
  • Handle is short

3. Bosch BT160 quick clamp tripod

Bosch BT160 quick clamp tripod because of its unique features and durability is known as one of the most remarkable tripods of Bosch. This lightweight and aluminum constructed tripod are extremely user-friendly and it can be used for both, outdoor projects as well as indoor projects. This tripod has a 3.5 kg weight and even though this weight is not that light, it still makes the tripod portable.

The fact that this tripod is constructed from aluminum proves that this best tripod for DSLR in India price will serve you for a very long time because aluminum does not rust. To achieve the desired view from cameras, this tripod can be extended up to 63-inch.

Top 4 Best Tripods in India 2021

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Bosch BT160 quick clamp tripod features an advanced locking clamp with stable installation and quick functionality for both, outdoor projects as well as indoor projects.

Unfortunately, this tripod has no warranty but this is something not to worry about as this tripod is carefully constructed.

  • Extremely durable tripod
  • Doesn’t have that much weight
  • Electrostatic powder-painting casting
  • Extendable up to 63-inch
  • Advanced locking clamp
  • Doesn’t have a warranty

4. Benro T600EX tripod

In our list of 4 best tripods in India 2022, we have the Benro T600EX tripod at number four. Since the base of this best tripod for DSLR under 2000 INR is constructed from aluminum and the body is constructed from plastic, having it gives you a professional feel.

Having just 1.5 kg weight, this tripod is ideal for hiking, trips, etc. What’s more, the tripod comes with a bag so that you can put it in the bag and travel distant places without the fear of letting your tripod get dusty. The cloth of the bag is of high quality.

Coming with a 3-way pan head, this tripod gives the user the license of rotating it around 90-degree and adjusting it according to the desired angle. This best Benro tripod India features grippy legs so that during the shooting, the tripod does not shake.

The grippy legs make things easier for newbies. What’s more, the three legs of this tripod are super quick locking legs and this assures zero shakings of the camera while focusing on subjects. Even if pressure is applied at the top, the super quick-locking feature will make sure that the legs don’t lose grip.

Best Tripods in India 2021

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On the off chance, the tripod falls because of some reason, then the camera won’t get damaged because this tripod provides perfect security and support for the cameras. The tripod comes with an impressive 3-year warranty and this makes the tripod even more considerable.

As far as how much this tripod can extend goes, then you’ll find out that this tripod can extend up to 6 feet and this is a very decent value.

Even though aluminum and plastic construction gives a professional feel, this tripod is still not very ideal for professional projects

  • The base is constructed from aluminium
  • Has only 1.5kg weight
  • Perfect product for hiking, trips, etc.
  • Comes with a high-quality bag for carrying it
  • 3-way pan head gives desired footages
  • Super quick-locking legs
  • Perfect security and support for cameras
  • Can extend up to 6-foot
  • Not ideal for professional projects

Buying guide for tripods

Following things should be considered before purchasing a tripod:

Weight handling

Before buying any tripod, know what weight it can bear on its top. For example, if you are buying a tripod for your mobile, then the weight of the tripod should be 1-2kg because cell phones mostly have a 150-gram weight.

Height of tripod

Choose a tripod that is not very tall. Taller tripods give trouble in carrying. Plus a tripod that can extend up to 50-inch is pretty much considerable. Tripods that can extend more than 50-inch are a bonus.

Durability and stability

Make sure you choose that tripod that is made of high-quality material. While checking the tripod, pay great attention to its legs. A tripod with thin legs won’t provide stability to heavy cameras and that is why you should pick that tripod whose legs are a bit thick.

Easy to use

While picking the tripod, make sure the one which you’ll choose is easy to set and use. Think about it, why would someone want a tripod that takes so much time in adjustments and getting set up for a shot. So that is why take your sweet time in checking the tripod that is easier to use.

The Head of the tripod is definitely one of the most considerable things of a particular tripod. Make sure you pick that tripod that can hold your camera tightly. You never know when some mishap happens, your tripod falls and ultimately your camera gets separated from the tripod. A tripod that can hold the camera tightly won’t allow the camera to fall, that is to say if some mishap happens. Benro T600EX tripod is ideal for holding cameras tightly.

Size of the tripod (size matters)

The size of the tripod matters too much. Pick that tripod whose size can fit your needs. If you are a traveler and don’t have a car, then don’t pick studio tripods because they are big and heavy. If you have a car for carrying the tripod, then a big tripod is no problem at all, however, if it is the legs that you only have, then travel tripods are ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tripods in India

ANS: Tripods that support mobile are a great help for making videos for your YouTube channel. What’s more, in parties such as birthday parties, you won’t need to hold a camera for making videos as tripods that support mobile phones can do the job for you. Consider Digitek DTR 550LW tripod as it is easily the best tripod for mobile in India 2021.
ANS: Generally, an instruction manual that guides the way of setting up a tripod and a bag or a tripod case comes with a tripod. Some manufacturers also offer mobile holders with the tripod.
Ans: Tripods are essential for obtaining clear and sharp images. Setting the mobile or camera on a tripod means that there won’t be any shaking and thus you will get the ideal picture. With tripods, focusing and framing get better.
ANS: Even though all the above-mentioned tripods can meet your wildlife photography need, however, among the 4 best tripods in India 2021, AmazonBasics 60 inches tripod with bag is most ideal for wildlife photography. The product description which we mentioned proves why it is most suitable for wildlife photography.
ANS: Benro tripods can be used in water and this means this best Benro tripod India can be used in water, however, before storing it after use, make sure you dry it. Rinsing Benro T600EX tripod will be a good idea, especially, if it was exposed to sand and saltwater. After rinsing it, dry it completely.
ANS: Yes, the above reviewed 4 best tripods in India 2021 pretty much support all types of cameras, be it mirrorless cameras or DSLRs, they support all.


Tripods are essential for obtaining clear and sharp images. With tripods, your photography needs can reach the next level. Having said that, it is advised to pick the right tripod. After deep research, we reviewed the Top 4 best tripods in India 2022. All of them are pretty handy for photographing.

All the above-reviewed tripods are fantastic in their ways, however, if we were to pick one tripod out of them that we believe is the complete all-rounder, then we will go with AmazonBasics 60 inches tripod with the bag. It is the lowest in price and is the best for wildlife photography.

Besides the main features, it weighs decent, can be extended up to 60-inch, comes with a zippered bag for carrying it and it is user-friendly.

All the other three reviewed tripods pretty much have the same features as AmazonBasics 60 inches tripod with a bag, however, they are more in price and this is the aspect that makes AmazonBasics 60 inches tripod with a bag a bit superior over others.

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