4 Best Screwdrivers Sets in India 2023- Buying Tips & Review

4 Best Screwdrivers in 2023

Are you looking for the 4 Best Screwdriver Sets in India 2023?

What are Screwdrivers?  

A screwdriver, as the name suggests, is a driver of screws. It is a tool with the help of which one can turn screws, either for tightening them or loosening them, using one hand.

The best professional screwdriver set is an essential tool for emergencies, especially home emergencies where calling a plumber or carpenter isn’t possible because of some reason. After doing deep research, in this article, we will review the 4 Best Screwdriver Manual and Electric screwdrivers plus we also mention some buying guides and FAQs so that you can make the right purchase and ultimately carry out your screw driving projects in the best way possible.

4 Best Screwdrivers in 2023

Categories of Screwdrivers

While screwdrivers can be categorized into many types, the following are the main categories:

Slotted Screwdrivers

These screwdrivers do not possess pointed tips. They have a blade shape look and are meant to fit into screws that have a flat impression. Slotted screwdrivers were the first type of screwdrivers.

Philips Screwdrivers

Phillips screwdrivers possess cross-shaped tips and are used for tightening or loosening screws with a plus-shaped head.

Robertson Screwdrivers

Robertson screwdrivers possess square tips and are used for tightening or loosening screws with square-shaped heads.

Since we now have an idea about the categories of screwdrivers, let’s discuss the 4 Best Screwdriver Sets in India in 2023.

4 Best Screwdriver Sets in India 2023

1. Spartan BS-02 Screwdriver Kit

The Spartan BS-02 screwdriver kit accompanying 8 blades, an extension rod, and a tester, is a must-have screwdriver set. With this best screwdriver set in India, one can lift and hold screws as the tips of the blades are magnetized.

Possessing screwdrivers with both tips, Phillips, and slot, this screwdriver can handsomely help in carpentry, jewelry, electronics and furniture projects. What’s one of the interesting things about this screwdriver set is that its blades are constructed from high-grade silicon manganese steel which means the blades are of high quality and are very hard. There won’t be any need for an expert as this one of the best professional screwdrivers sets 2023 is best suited for DIY projects.

4 Best Screwdrivers in india 2021

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On the off chance, your hand is oily, then it won’t slip from the handle while tightening or loosening screws because the handle is constructed from high-grade CA plastic to ensure non-flammable nature and oil, grease or any other related thing doesn’t affect it.

This best screwdriver set under 500 Rs in India comes in a convenient plastic box that contains a separate place for each tool of the set.

  • Magnetized blades
  • Both main types of tips
  • DIY task specialist kit
  • Blades construction from high-grade silicon manganese steel
  • Plastic box for carrying tools
  • Slip-free handle
  • Not meant for high-level professional purposes

2. HUSB Magnetic Holder Screwdriver Tool Set

This 31-piece best screwdriver set under 500 Rs in India is a lightweight set and is made from stainless steel which means it won’t rust.

HUSB Magnetic Holder Screwdriver Tool Set is indeed the best magnetic screwdriver set as it can efficiently hold the tips of the screws while tightening or loosening them because of its strong magnetic force. This is a very great feature for difficult-to-reach areas.

4 Best Screwdrivers in india 2021

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With this screwdriver set, you can easily open mp3, PlayStation, mobile phones, and many more things without causing any damage.

What’s one of the best things about this screwdriver kit is that its handle is covered with rubber so that your hands don’t slip while tightening or loosening screws, in case they are oily.

All the tools are placed separately in a yellow box that comes with this screwdriver kit so that you can easily know which tool is placed where.

The only negative thing we came across regarding this screwdriver set is the length of the screwdrivers. Some users think that it would have been even better set if the length of screwdrivers were a bit longer.

  • Keyless chuck
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Doesn’t rust
  • Best magnetic screwdriver set
  • The hand won’t slip from the handle
  • Plastic storage box
  • Lightweight kit
  • The length of the screwdrivers is not long enough.

3. Stanley STHT62511-8 Screwdriver Set

Whether you want to fix an old machine or you want to assemble furniture, this best screwdriver set price in India 2023 accompanying 9 screwdrivers each of different sizes has got you covered. It is indeed a DIY-task specialist screwdriver set.

The rubberized handle of this screwdriver set is ergonomically designed which means, compared to the screwdrivers set with conventional handles, this set’s handle will allow more torque and thus working efficiency will be higher. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about rust because the bar is chrome plated to ensure rust resistance.

The tips of the screwdrivers are well-designed so that they don’t slip even against the heads of rusty screws. The nail puller of this set can pull out even the most stubborn nails.

4 Best Screwdrivers in india 2020

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This best screwdriver set in India comes with a storage case and this means your pieces won’t be scattered in the drawer because the storage case keeps them all in it separately.

Overall, it is a high-quality screwdriver set but its price is a bit high.

  • Interchangeable bars
  • DIY-task specialist set
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Chrome-plated bar
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Accompanies a storage case
  • Doesn’t rust
  • Bit expensive set

4. Taparia 840 Screwdriver Set

Taparia is one of the most famous brands in India and the Taparia 804 screwdriver set in India is the ideal set for proving it. It is a very durable set that can serve you for a very long time.

The 6 blades of this set are very hard because just like Spartan BS-02 Screwdriver Kit, the blades of this set are constructed from silicon manganese steel.

4 Best Screwdriver Sets in India 2021

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With this magnetic screwdriver set, one can work on difficult-to-reach areas without any stress as the tips are magnetized for lifting screws and providing a firm grip over the screws from their heads. The screws won’t fall even when you will work in very tight places.

The handle of this set is constructed from CA great plastic to ensure non-flammable nature and what’s more, the handle has a neon bulb that glows whenever the tester tip inserts into a live socket.

All the pieces of this best screwdriver set price in India 2023 are beautifully placed inside a sturdy yellow box. The only bad thing about this set is its handle won’t support when your hands are oily. Oily hands slip from the handle.

  • Durable set
  • Hard and magnetized blades
  • Works well in difficult-to-reach areas
  • CA great plastic construction
  • Neon bulb
  • The hand slips from the handle when oily

Now, since we are done with 4 Best Screwdriver Sets in India 2023, let’s have a look at the 2 best electric screwdrivers in 2023.

1.Bosch GO Electric Screwdriver

Bosch GO Electric Screwdriver is a lightweight DIY task specialist electric screwdriver that is reinforced by polyamide plastic. What’s one of the most fascinating things about this best cordless screwdriver in India is that it can be charged with a USB cable.

This Bosch screwdriver in India can help in assembling furniture, repairing machines and screw driving into the wood.

  • Reinforced polyamide plastic
  • Smart stop feature
  • Dual activation modes
  • 5 torque settings
  • 360 RPM speed
  • 6-month warranty
  • Electronic brake
  • Spindle lock
  • No LED light for working in darker areas

The reason this screwdriver with a 1.5Ah battery capacity is called smart is because of the fact that just a gentle push on the screwdriver will tighten and loosen the screws. No hard efforts will be required on your end. This Bosch cordless screwdriver features a battery level indicator that keeps you aware of the battery level.

Best Electric Screwdrivers in india 2021

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For a screwdriver with 3.6V, it tightens and loosens the screws with an impressive amount of torque. Accompanying 5 torque settings, you can select the ideal speed for your project. It can rotate up to 360 RPMs and when it gets overheated, it automatically gets switched off.

The screwdriver can also be set to manual mode. The screwdriver features a spindle lock with the help of which screwdriver remains firmly in manual mode, even if a lot of force is applied. Manual mode is recommended for very old screws.  

2.Black + Decker BDCS36F Screwdriver

Black + Decker BDCS36F Screwdriver is an easy-to-handle screwdriver that comes with 10 screwdriver bits and a wall charger. With a magnetic bit holder, one can easily change bits within seconds. 10 bits make sure that you complete various types of screw-driving projects.

This best cordless screwdriver in India works in both ways, forward and backward so that one can screw as well as unscrew objects.

Best Electric Screwdrivers in india 2021

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The battery charging time of this screwdriver is 5-7 hours and the no-load speed is 200 rpm. The 3.6V lithium-ion battery is so powerful that it doesn’t require charging before every project. What’s more, the weight of the battery is lighter than conventional batteries, yet it lasts longer than conventional ones.

At times when you are working in dark areas, such as under the sink, this screwdriver features an LED light for better visibility. With 7 torque settings, you have more options for adjusting the speed according to requirements.

This screwdriver can be used in the pistol shape as well as in a straight line shape because its handle can be twisted. If a situation of a particular project demands twisting the handle in a straight line, then you can easily twist it and can reach areas that can’t be reached with a pistol position.

  • Two-position handle
  • 7 torque settings
  • 6-month warranty
  • Forward and reverse modes
  • LED light
  • Magnetic bit holder
  • 10 screwdriver bits
  • High calibre battery
  • Not that much handy for high-level professional purposes

Buying Guide of Screwdrivers

Purchasing the best Screwdrivers is not a difficult task but it’s logical to be aware of what you are purchasing and the way to purchase it.

Before purchasing a Screwdrivers all the instructions prescribed below –

Size of the set

Your first priority should be checking the number of screwdrivers that the set comes with. Realize the number of screwdrivers you need and choose the set according to it.

Generally manufactured from plastic, non-automatic veggies choppers are bowls that have pointed knives integrated and anytime you put the vegetables and fasten the box, it chops the veggies and reserves them in a box under the blades. How to use a chopper is determined by the type of chopper.

Grip of handle

Get yourself that screwdriver or screwdriver set that comes with an impressive handle grip. A rubberized grip handle or plastic grip handle is better than a metal grip handle because a rubberized grip or a plastic grip handle has low chance of getting slipped from the oily hand.

Blades and tips quality

Screwdrivers with excellent blades and tip quality should be preferred. Screwdrivers with poor blades and tip quality rust easily after some time.

Coating of chromium material prevents rusting so look for screwdrivers with chromium material coating.

Quality of shank

The shaft between the blade tip and handle of the screwdriver is the shank of a screwdriver. Shanks that are made out of stainless steel are durable and more popular so pick screwdrivers whose shanks are made out of stainless steel.

Look for voltage( electrical screwdrivers)

Look for the best cordless screwdriver in India that has high voltage. High voltage enables the screwdrivers to easily pull stubborn screws out. With that being said, a screwdriver with 3.5V or anything above it should be prioritized.

Brand importance

The quality of screwdrivers can be estimated from their brand names. With that being said, Spartan, Stanley, Taparia, Bosch, and Black + Decker brands are well-renowned brands around the world, and thus their screwdrivers should be considered for buying.

Frequently Asked Questions about Screwdrivers in India

The best screwdriver set should be an all-rounder. It should have a decent price and a decent amount of features. Among the 4 Best Screwdriver Sets in India 2021 that we reviewed, Stanley STHT62511-8 Screwdriver Set is the set that we believe is the best screwdriver set in India. Even though the other 3 sets have less price compared to Stanley set, however, Stanley set possesses the best features. We believe the price shouldn’t be prioritized while buying a screwdriver set.
ANS: A good non-electric screwdriver can cost from 180 Rs to 500 Rs. With that being said, it is advised to look at the features before the cost.
Ans: Use the right type of screwdriver for the required screw. For example, for Phillips-head screws, don’t use slot-head screwdrivers and for slot-head screws, don’t use Phillips-head screwdrivers. At times, you might not have the required screwdriver for completing the job and you may get away a few times, but doing this can damage your screwdriver’s tip.
ANS: An electric screwdriver is mostly used in the automobile sector and the manufacturing industry.
ANS: Yes, it is very essential as it saves you from the trouble of scattered screwdrivers in the drawer and what’s more, with a storing case, you can take your set wherever you want comfortably with grace.
ANS: It does not matter where you are, at some point in life, everyone needs a screwdriver set that can help in completing some task. Screwdrivers are one of the most widely used tools around the world and with them around, you don’t need to call some experts in completing some normal basic tasks such as opening a switchboard for fixing it.

After deep research, we reviewed the Best Screwdriver Sets in India. We also enlightened you with some buying guides and FAQs related to screwdrivers. Though we recommend the Stanley STHT62511-8 Screwdriver Set for buying among the non-electric screwdriver sets, it doesn’t mean that other screwdriver sets are not of high caliber. You can buy any of the sets as all of them are of high standards.

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